about us


Shilpi Foundation believes every human is a creator of their own destiny and we as an organization attempt to facilitate the process. We believe, given appropriate tools, an environment of learning along with growth any person can sculpt his or her life in a way that is sustainable, growing and supportive to others. Seeing the possibilities rather than the problems created by change, Shilpi Foundation plays the role of a transformer in the social sector, by :

Recognizing and pursuing new opportunities to serve that mission.

Engaging in a process of continuous innovation, adaptation and learning.

Acting boldly, without being limited by resources currently in hand.

Exhibiting heightened accountability to the constituencies served and for the outcomes created.

Endeavoring, to correctly assess the needs and values of the communities it serves, Shilpi Foundation seeks to address the underlying causes of problems, rather than simply treating their symptoms. The models it develops and the approaches it takes can, and often do, change, as it learns about what works and what doesn’t. The key element is persistence combined with a willingness to make adjustments as it goes along, striving to break new ground, develop new models, and pioneer new approaches.

Shilpi Foundation’s focus on social entrepreneurship exemplifies its pragmatic approach to community development. Looking at new and innovative ways to tackle social issues and problems, it seeks to create lasting and systemic change.

Employing long-term development programs, it strives to help people to take control of their own lives and to challenge the negative views which keep them living in poverty. Working with an attitude towards achieving the desired outcome, it develops new models for the new century, looking for the most effective methods of serving its social mission.


Shilpi Foundation Envisages Developed Communities with Multiple Opportunities and Alternatives for Skills, Employment, Health, Education, Environment Conservation, Cultural Togetherness etc for each Section of the Communities Irrespective of Gender, Caste and Creed.


At Shilpi Foundation, we took up a Mission of “Shaping Lives…” of the People having Lesser Resources to Bring Social Transformation Through Building and Upgrading Their Skills, By Providing them Quality Education and Developing Their Capacities in order to make them Self Reliant and to Ensure they Stand-up for Their Rights to Equality and Access to Amenities.


To provide Support Services to the underprivileged people by building / upgrading their skills which in turn help them gaining sustainable employment opportunities.

To Provide Handholding Support and Guidance to the community members wishing to establish their own micro / small enterprise.

To put continuous efforts to enhance the career graph of the people who have associated with our various skill development initiatives.

To Sensitize Various Communities, Civic Authorities, Citizen Groups And Business Community To Become Stakeholders in Order To Contribute Actively in the Social Development Process.