Skill Development

Skill Development

Shilpi Foundation has majorly initiated activities in the area of skill development since the inception of the organization, considering it as one of the essential component that will generate employment opportunities for the unskilled youth of the society and help them lead a better life. UMMEED program plays a vital role in skill building of the large labour force available and bridge the gap between industries demand of skilled human resource. The project promotes customized employability programs for targeted youth in the age group of 18-30 years from economically weaker sections and enables them to gain access to opportunities for sustainable livelihoods and growth in the new emerging economy.

Shilpi has trained and placed 250 youth from urban area between December 2009 and June 2010 at its Jamalpur Centre in Ahmedabad. The courses offered during the training tenure were Customer Relations and Sales (CRS), IT Hardware & Networking, Financial Accounting – Tally and Beautician. The selection of the courses was done based on the need identification among the youth as well as the demand from various industries that were surveyed.


Government of India attaches highest priority to poverty alleviation programs and plans to work purposefully to improve the quality of public system and delivery of public service for employment generation and rural prosperity. With the similar objective on agenda, Ministry of Rural Development (MoRD) has envisioned the scheme of SGSY to provide support for self employment and wage employment to the rural BPL youth. Moreover under this scheme MoRD has structured provision for creating special projects for skill development to enable the rural BPL youth to get wage employment. NIIT, for the past more than 30 years is India’s one of the highly ranked company in training and education was determined to work with the government in line with the objective of MoRD.

It has decided to take the next leap in the most logical way by working on a large scale by training the youth from rural BPL families in India. Considering the dedication of NIIT, it was awarded the project ASHA of training 31200 rural BPL youth across India. Further, NIIT handed over the task of setting up the centers and develop training force in the rural areas to Shilpi Foundation. Hence, the foundation successfully has trained and placed 515 Rural BPL Youth at its various centers under the project ASHA. Shilpi Foundation took up the total task of screening, counseling, training, placement and post placement hand holding support the young trainees under the project ASHA.

Strict norms to be followed for the students attending the training program were listed out and they had to adhere to the rules and regulations if they require continued support from our team mates. The response was overwhelming and it also developed a strong bonding between the trainers and the trainees which resulted into 100% placement of the students at good locations. The details of the students are depicted in the charts represented here


The service sector is expected to grow significantly in the coming years as a result of rising incomes and domestic demand of services like financial services, goods, durables etc. Hence it is expected that there will also be a surge in the demand for skilled manpower at the entry level such as Sales and Marketing Agents, Customer Sales Associates, tele-calling executives etc. IL&FS Cluster Development Initiatives Ltd a subsidiary of IL&FS Education has been working in various employment intensive sectors such as textiles & apparels, footwear, food processing, engineering etc on a cluster concept, providing services related to financing, engineering and designing of infrastructure, technology and market linkages and skill development.

Projects on vocational training, linked with placement are being implemented y IL&FS Clusters in sectors such as textile, leather, engineering, services etc. IL&FS entered into an agreement with Shilpi Foundation who agreed to impart placement linked training to rural BPL youth in various customized, demand driven trades related under Skills for Employment in Services Sector (SESS) for which the organization possess core competency.

It was decided that the training would be imparted with assistance from MoRD. It was decided that Shilpi Foundation should finalize all the training material and its content after discussion with IL&FS. The training was imparted with proper use of multi-media technology and quality training aids. An intensive 30 days training program was designed for the trainees in various sector. The mobilization activity for enrolment of the youth for the training program was conducted by the foundation at various locations.

The details of the training program under Project SESS, Shilpi Foundation is as shown below :

Training on Skill for Employment in Service Sector (SESS)

Sr.No Centre District Course Batch Duration Strength Total
01 Radhanpur Patan Customer Sales Associate 17-Oct-11 to 16- Nov-11 30 30
Total Trained and Placed 30

The trained youth have been placed as well as employed with a respectable salary in different companies as per their calibre and efficiency gained through the training. A follow up and cross check was with the employers about the performance of the trainees at the work place.


The traditional colleges that are running academic programs provide thorough theoretical knowledge to the students, overlooking the need for practical training which builds a strong foundation of their understanding on the subject matter. IIJT was established to fill this void in our schooling system. Its multi-disciplinary courses have robust practical elements that develop critical skills necessary for workplace success. From one centre in 2006, IIJT has expanded to more than 120 centres located across multiple cities.

The centres are defined by IIJT’s firm commitment to quality delivery, sound infrastructure, and vital learning resources. Strong ties with industry are also a big part of the IIJT difference. Shilpi Foundation agreed to take forward the project “Employment Generation Marketing Mission” (EGMM) in different regions of State of Andhra Pradesh in India. Under the project EGMM, it aims to provide market linked and skill – based training to rural youth EGMM is registered as a society under the Andhra Pradesh Societies Act provides market-linked and Skill-based training to rural youth through its well established training centers. After completion of training, the youth are given job placements in organizations with which EGMM has entered into MoUs. It also provides post placement support to youth who relocate in other cities.

Shilpi Foundation has imparted training to the youth by engaging qualified professional trainers as well as provided the trainees with proper training material. The foundation has provided extensive skill training in technical skill (both theory and practical), Communication Skills, Exposure to concerned industries / organizations, and all other relevant skills that makes the trainees employable. The training programs were conducted in 5 districts of Andhra Pradesh with total 19 batches each for duration of 60 days and the batch strength ranged from 25 to 50 number of students.

The trainings imparted were on :

Data Entry Operator (DEO)

Customer Relation Service (CRS)


Retail Sales


Thirty years ago it seemed to be impossible to accomplish the dream of Microsoft to have a computer on every desk and in every home. Fortunately today, life has changed profoundly for more than one billion people that Information technology has touched upon. Information is more readily available, connections are more easily made, commerce is more quickly achieved, and success is closer than ever. But still for more than five billion people, the opportunity to learn, connect, create, and succeed remains elusive.

With the project Unlimited Potential, Microsoft is committed to helping all people benefit from Information and Communications Technology (ICT) that is accessible, affordable, and relevant to their needs. By partnering with governments, partners, and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), educators, and academics, Microsoft is taking an innovative approach to enabling new avenues of social and economic empowerment for the underserved populations of the world. It is focusing its efforts through delivering solutions in three key, interrelated areas.

Transforming Education

Fostering Local Innovation

Enabling jobs and opportunities

Shilpi Foundation has a mandate for IT skill development in Rural and Urban areas of India. With this spirit, Shilpi foundation has tied up with Microsoft for its ‘Unlimited Potential’ program. So far we have been able to train over 700 youth and enabled them to get in to jobs in Gujarat through our ‘Skill UP’ centre’s.


Shilpi Foundation has a mandate to train and up skill the English language skills of all men and women through its Skill UP English Learning Centre’s. There are currently 29 Skill UP English Centre’s in Northern and Central Gujarat and about to launch another 15 centres in South Gujarat by March 2014 and have so far trained over 1800 youth in a very innovative Method of English Learning thru the Mother tongue of the students. The target to reach out to the remote areas of Gujarat and Rajasthan will be completed by December 2014 with 90+ Skill UP English Centre’s and training over 15,000 people.